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Nelson DELLIS GMM - Grand Master
World Ranking:  27
WMSC Id:691

Previous Championship Positions

Championship2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Friendly (Cambridge) Memory Championship  2nd        
German Open Memory Championship    6th      
UK Open Memory Championship    2nd      
USA Memory Championship^16th 3rd 1st 1st 2nd 1st
World Adult Memory Championship      7th 11th  
World Memory Championship      7th 12th  

Best Scores

DisciplineScoreChampionship Rank
5 Minute Binary300 digitsFriendly (Cambridge) 201099
5 Minute Numbers339 digitsWMC 201312
5 Minute Random Words46 wordsFriendly (Cambridge) 201082
10 Minute Cards78 cardsFriendly (Cambridge) 2010123
15 Minute Numbers360 digitsFriendly (Cambridge) 201041
30 Minute Binary1635 digitsWMC 201382
30 Minute Cards469 cardsGerman Open 201112
30 Minute Numbers840 digitsGerman Open 201119
15 minute Abstract Images232 pointsWMC 201329
5 Minute Historic/Future Dates49 datesWMC 201242
60 minute/Hour Cards762 cardsWMC 201352
60 Minute/Hour Numbers1482 digitsWMC 201339
15 minute Names & Faces114 pointsUK Open 201111
15 Minute Poem/Text (Old)233 pointsUSA 2012^10
5 Minute Names (old format)40 pointsFriendly (Cambridge) 201035
15 Minute Random Words182 wordsWMC 201319
5 minute "Speed" Cards40.65 secondsWMC 201224
15 minute Names (old format)193 pointsUSA 2014^2
Spoken Numbers101 digitsWMC 201234
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