Level 4 arbiter

Level 4

Phil Chambers - Chief Arbiter England
Dominic O'Brien - Head of Ethics Committee England
Jennifer Goddard Australia

Level Three Arbiters may also officiate at memory world records attempts

Level 3

Level Two Arbiters acts as a sole WMSC representative at a National Championship and supervise at a World Championship under the overall charge of the Chief Ariber.

Level 2

Elaine Colliar Scotland Klaus Kolb Germany
Dr Kranthi Raj India David Sedgwick England
Idriz Zogaj Sweden Khatanbaatar Khandsuren Mongolia
Teo Kim Foo Malaysia Anne Bernadette Bonita Philippines
Wang Sheng Kai Taiwan Florian DelléGermany
Riadh BensaouchaAlgeriaAmine Ahmed ChalaAlgeria
Salah eddine Djilah AlgeriaGuo Chuanwai China
Sophie Huang China

Renewal Pending

Dr Warren Day Australia Dionne Reid England
Henry Toi Singapore Elizabeth Yu China
Jorge Castanñeda Mexico

A Level One Arbiter is entitled to mark and score papers at any WMSC approved Memory competition under supervision of a Level Two Arbiter or the Chief Arbiter.

The list of Level One Arbiters is for internal use only.
*Special thanks to Dai Griffiths and others for providing the information.